Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
Synthesizable Core

Function Description

The C_UART core is a generic universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) and can be used to implement a peripheral data communication device. The designer can program the core with an 8-bit CPU.

Features such as character length, parity, and programmable start/stop bits can easily be added into the core. Contact CAST for additional information.


  • 8 bit characters
  • TxC / RxC (16 times the desired output baud rate)
  • 1 start bit / 1 stop bit
  • Polling and interrupt modes
  • Flexibility for adding other features
  • The C_UART was developed in VHDL
  • Synthesizes to approximately 650 gates depending on the process used



C_UART - Symbol


Pin Description

Name Type Polarity Description
CLK In Rising System Clock
XRST In Low Master Reset
XUWR In Rising Decoded UART Write Control for Transmitter Register
UARTRS In - Register Select (0 = Status; 1 = RX_Register)
URD In Falling Decoded UART Read
DIN [7:0] In - Input Data Bus
DOUT [7:0] Out - Output Data Bus
CLK16 In Rising Transmitter/Receiver Master Clock
TxDATA Out - Transmitter Data
TxREADY Out Low Transmitter Empty (ready to accept new character)
RxDATA In - Receiver Data
RxREADY Out Low Receiver Ready (character ready to be transferred to CPU)


Block Diagram

C_UART - Block



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